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Dr. Alessio Zanon, veterinary surgeon expert in zootechnical biodiversity, collaborated in the creation of this section. We also thank Francesco Silletta for the section dedicated to geese and Pasquale DAncicco for preparing the cards on pheasants and turkeys. The Latlante of the Colombi breeds was created with the collaboration of Dr. Fabio Zambon.

Atlas of minor avian species

We have collected the main species and breeds of ducks, swans, pheasants, pharaohs, geese, peacocks, ostriches, turkeys, turtle doves and other ornamental poultry in an easy-to-read atlas (cards with images). Click on the menu and select the desired species or breed.

Information to mariners

In addition to chickens, there are many poultry used by man for production (eggs, meat, feathers), sports, military, ornamental and exhibition purposes. In this atlas are described the many breeds and varieties of ducks, pheasants, guinea fowl, geese and turkeys, Italian and foreign, and the other poultry species bred for productive (ostrich) and ornamental purposes (swans, peacocks, turtle doves, etc.). Many poultry associations are also present in Italy; their purpose is to promote the interest and knowledge of birds, their habitat and the correct breeding systems - both for ornamental and exhibition purposes - by selecting new breeds and / or colors.

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