Breeds of chickens: Famenne

Breeds of chickens: Famenne

Origin, diffusion and economic characteristics

Very little information is available on the origin of this Belgian breed. It is only known that it comes from the Condroz region.
Rustic breed, very active in the search for food, good flyer.
The hens lay 120 to 150 eggs (white shell) per year weighing about 60 grams.
Very rare, almost extinct. There are only a few specimens in French-speaking southern Belgium. Unknown in other countries.
The dwarf variety was also selected.

Morphological characteristics

There is only one variety with a white coat.
Similar in form to the Ardennes, however, it is heavier. Blue slate beak, orange red eyes. An essential difference between Famenne and Ardenners is that the mumps, the crest and the wattles of the Famenne are always bright red while in the white variety of the Ardennese these parts have a decidedly darker pigmentation. The color of the skin is always white. Slate blue tarsi.

Medium weight:
- Roosters 3.5 kg
- Hens kg 2,5 - 3,0

Famenne breed rooster and hen (photo

Breed Famenne Nana (photo

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